Expert looks at how and why police resist reforms to militarization – Harvard Gazette

I can’t wait for Katzenstein’s article to come out. I think she let her biases interfere with her research. Just be reading some of the outlandish comments from this interview I can’t see how Katzenstein came to her conclusions.

In fact every person that I know that has had a “behind the scenes” look at policing has ALWAYS come away with a more favorable opinion of how police do their jobs. I have had local anti-police activists take out citizens police academy program and they have left with a more favorable opinion of police after completion of the program.

Katzenstein claims that police is anti-black. I look forward to see where in her article she supports this claim with evidence. I have NEVER seen, been trained, or learned or any police trainings that are anti-black. Or anti any specific group. Katzenstein seems to have written her article way before she stepped foot in the field. This is sad.

If I get a copy of Katzenstein’s article I will review it. I think it will need an honest assessment. I am sure the liberal news media will promote it like wildfire.

Jessica Katzenstein, an Inequality in America fellow, has been analyzing police militarization in an effort to show how and why departments are resisting changes and the ways this resistance is not as straightforward as it’s often portrayed.
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Here is a video about her work:

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