Crime victim vs. public nuisance | Modern Policing

This article points out an apparent flaw in many public nuisance laws — they can penalize crime victims. In the case of domestic violence, some victims who have called the police multiple times have crossed a threshold that put their home into the public nuisance category, particularly risky when renting from a landlord. Others have…
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Run-down, abandoned buildings pose problems for law enforcement – News – The Topeka Capital-Journal – Topeka, KS

A 2016 study of blight on 32 Topeka city blocks found an increase in number of police calls, code violations and dollars spent when there were abandoned buildings in an area.The study, conducted by Wichita State University, found that about $31,100 in additional personnel resources were needed to complete code violation cases in city blocks with abandoned housing present rather than those without.The effects of abandoned housing in those areas were significant: police response frequency to city
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The Wichita State 2016 REPORT

Operation Ceasefire – Pulling Levers

This is one of the BEST videos on any policing strategy. After watching the video it seems that Pulling Levels was the perfect crime-fighting at the right time.

This video is an excellent example of how the Criminal Justice System impacts a community.

In the beginning of the video we see how crime is increasing and the police response (flood the area with police and stop everything) had cause some collateral damage. The video also shows that when the focus is to stop a problem (murders) that partners can develop and work together for the benefit of the community.

This is a must watch video.

News Article on the Hartford Civilian Police Review Board

For 12 years, dozens of people who filed complaints with a watchdog panel to report mistreatment by city police never had their cases investigated or even opened by the group, Hartford’s Civilian Police Review Board.

City lawyers, concerned that complaints of police misconduct substantiated by a third party could be used against Hartford in lawsuits, withheld from the board all cases in which the complainant was suing or considering suing the city from 2005 to 2017.

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Urban Institute Report on the Milwaukee Police Department Use of Body Worn Cameras

Here are 2 briefs from the Urban Institute about Body Worn Camera use by The Milwaukee Police Department.

The Milwaukee Police Department’s Body-Worn Camera Program – Evaluation Findings and Key Takeaways

Community Views of Milwaukee’s Police Body-Worn Camera Program – Results from Three Waves of Community Surveys