Paper on NYPD Analysis of Officer’s Work Performance

This is an interesting look at when NYPD officers try to get a lot of arrests in the early part of the month in an attempt to make sure they achieve the performance measures.

Discussion Papers in Economics: 2018 | Economics | University of Colorado Boulder

18-09 – Alexander Cauley, “The Early Bird Gets the Worm: Analysis of Dynamic Effort Allocations from the New York City Police Department,” October 2018
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Glynn County Police Department Audit and Supplement – The Brunswick News

The Brunswick News posted a news article about the release of the audit of Glynn County Police Department. There is limited access to the news article but you might have access of the audit by the IACP at the link below.

Click here to view this item from The Brunswick News.
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Try these links if the above link doesn’t work:

Supplement report

Management and Operations Audit report

How psychology affects police investigation | Modern Policing

Wrongful convictions and biases are hot topics in policing. These videos discuss theses and more.

This site has 7 brief videos that explain how the brain and human psychology affect perception and memory, leading to such problems as tunnel vision, confirmation bias, and false confessions. Produced by the Innocence Project in cooperation with IACP, the videos feature noted scientists and expert practitioners. For police, “The films are not intended to…
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Crime, Mental Health, & Recidivism

This is one of the topics discussed in the CRJ-302 class.

Oregon Board Says Those Found Criminally Insane Rarely Commit New Crimes. The Numbers Say Otherwise.

The Psychiatric Security Review Board questioned how many people it discharged from state custody returned to crime. But it did not share its findings or change policies even as former clients killed or raped.

See the series on mental health / crime / recidivism  HERE