Case Study of NYC Program Proves ‘No Need to Lock Up Kids for Public Safety’   | The Crime Report

Juvenile arrests in New York City were slashed in half since the city stopped sending young people to youth detention facilities far from their homes under the 2012 ‘Close to Home’ law, according to a case study released Wednesday.
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Here are more resources on Youth Detention including a link to the report discussed in the above article.

Office of Children and Family Services

Close to Home

Youth Detention

Focus on wellness in Stockton | Modern Policing

This article describes Stockton, California PD’s wellness network aimed at helping officers deal with stress and trauma. The award-winning initiative includes a significant orientation for new recruits and proactive measures when officers encounter difficult situations in the field. The police department endured layoffs earlier in the decade while the city went through bankruptcy, adding to…
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Practical Terrorism Prevention: Reexamining U.S. National Approaches to Addressing the Threat of Ideologically Motivated Violence | RAND

Researchers examined past U.S. countering violent extremism and terrorism prevention efforts and explored options to strengthen them. They found that current capabilities are relatively limited and that future efforts must build trust to succeed.
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Building an Effective and Practical National Approach to Terrorism Prevention | RAND

Researchers found major gaps in national terrorism prevention efforts: Shortfalls came not only from limited programmatic focus and resource investment, but also from critics seeking to constrain or halt such efforts.
There have been some successes, including community education efforts, formation of public-private partnerships, and development of local capacity to intervene with individuals at risk of radicalizing to violence. However, interviewees viewed those achievements as fragile because of concerns about whether the programs would be sustained.
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