Is “Broken Windows” Broken? – KPFA

This is an interesting interview on the effects of the application of Broken Windows Policing on homeless people.

The premise of the interview was that when minor violations of law are enforced on homeless people it makes them more disorderly.

I think this premise is flawed because it is similar to saying that enforcement of speeding laws creates more speeders because by stopping someone who was speeding now makes them late to wherever they were going and now they have to speed more!!!

Is “Broken Windows” Broken? – KPFA
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Dr. Sparks article

How to fight gun violence in American cities – Vox

This is a nice article that outlines Abt’s book “Bleeding Out”. It has links to other useful and interesting publications.

Urban gun violence is a big problem. Thomas Abt’s new book, Bleeding Out, offers a solution.
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Kerner Report Resources

Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders


Summary report


The Haas Institute has a conference about the 50th anniversary of The Kerner Report. There is a publication (listed below) and videos from the conference at there website. They lean far left.

The Haas Institute


Several Links here. Links to the conference videos.



The Road Not Taken: Housing and Criminal Justice 50 Years After the Kerner Commission Report


The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Kerner Commission Report


What together we can do A forty year update of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders


The Kerner Commission Report Fifty Years Later: Revisiting the American Dream


The Kerner Commission — 40 Years Later

San Francisco’s BART “Blitz” Demonstrates Effectiveness Of Broken Windows.

This is an excellent example of Broken Windows Theory working in the real world. Awesome!

San Francisco’s BART “Blitz” Demonstrates Effectiveness Of Broken Windows.
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Here are additional stories on Broken Windows Theory:

How NY became Safe

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