Looking to quell downtown disorder, Seattle and King County announce plan for repeat offenders | The Seattle Times

Would this help Seattle Stop Dying?

Businesses have been pushing local leaders to find a solution for repeat offenders for almost a year. On Thursday, Seattle and King County leaders announced the first steps.
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Forecasts Hazy for State Marijuana Revenue | The Pew Charitable Trusts

Revenue from “sin taxes” is notoriously volatile and difficult to predict, even when the taxes—such as those on cigarettes, liquor, or gambling—have been around for decades. Although consumption of or participation in these “sins” can change dramatically, analysts at least have historical data from across the nation to guide forecasts.
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D.C. Police Release Long-Delayed Stop-And-Frisk Data, Showing Racial Disparities In Stops | WAMU

Long-awaited data on police stops shows that 70% of those stopped by D.C. police are African American, but Chief Peter Newsham says it’s too early to draw conclusions on police practices.

There are several interesting links in this news report.

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WANU Stop and Frisk webpage

TV station WANU has a webpage dedicated to DC Police Stop and Frisk. Access it HERE

DC Police data page HERE