Settling institutional uncertainty: Policing Chicago and New York, 1877–1923 – Koehler – Criminology – Wiley Online Library

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We show how both the Chicago Police Department and the New York Police Department sought to settle uncertainty about their propriety and purpose during a period when abrupt transformations destabilized urban order and called the police mandate into question. By comparing annual reports that the Chicago Police Department and the New York Police Department published from 1877 to 1923, we observe two techniques in how the police enacted that settlement: identification of the problems that the police believed themselves uniquely well equipped to manage and authorization of the powers necessary to do so. Comparison of identification and authorization yields insights into the role that these police departments played in convergent and divergent constructions of disorder and, in turn, into Progressivism’s varying effects in early urban policing.
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Louisville releases new information about alleged police misconduct in DOJ report

Louisville Metro has released additional information about the more than 60 incidents of alleged police misconduct highlighted in the U.S. Department of Justice’s scathing report, including incident reports and identifying information.
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California violent crime tripled as suspects walked free without bail: reform study | Fox News

A new study comparing California offenders who posted bail with those were let out under “Zero Bail” found that the latter group reoffended sooner and more often.

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