SBA Head: New York’s Anti-Police Sentiment Causes ‘Pantaleo Effect’

The “Pantaleo Effect” is similar to the Ferguson Effect. The Pantaleo Effect is a description of what occurred in NYC as a result of the events the followed the Garner case.

President Donald Trump pressed the mayor of New York on July 25 to “stand up” for police officers who have been doused and sprayed with water.
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Ferguson: As It Unfolded

This is an interesting article to outline how the events in Ferguson unfolded.

The killing of Michael Brown by a white police officer on a Ferguson street was the spark that ignited years of frustration, distrust and anger. Protests, fueled by social media, spread; new issues emerged. Here, from the epicenter, is the story of Ferguson.
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Ferguson diagnosed a national illness. But five years later, it hasn’t been cured.

The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment

Below are links to CS Lewis’ article and response to The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment.

The video are doodles that go along with the articles verbatim.

The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment – CS Lewis


The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment – A Response CS Lewis


Part 1


Part 2

The Effect of School Discipline on Offending across Time

This article below is just released about the relationship between school suspension and future crime.

Punishment should be looked at as a measure of behavior and not the cause of behavior.

For example a school suspension should be looked at as a measure of previous behavior and not a cause of future behavior.

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3 Arrested in New York City Water Bucket Attacks – Patrol – POLICE Magazine

Attempting to drown police officers with water has become some of the most recent viral videos. This is dangerous for the police and the public. Note this is not the same as squirting your favorite uncle at the family reunion.

This is dangerous because the H2O attackers have interfered with arrests, sprayed an unknown liquid on officers, hit officers with squirt guns and plastic buckets, grabbed onto officers, and damaged property.

Hopefully with police making an arrest this won’t become a growing trend.

Police in New York City have arrested three men in connection with the water bucket attacks in which police officers were doused with water in videos that were posted to social media on Monday.
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Union reaction to the initial attack

Guidance Memo NYPD

HERE is an alternative view.

New legislation to protect police