CPD’s Pattern and Practice of Home Invasions – South Side Weekly

On Tuesday, July 27, seven months after Chicago witnessed body-camera footage of Anjanette Young in her home, naked and surrounded by officers who were raiding it in search of someone who did not live there, the City Council is holding a hearing on an ordinance named after her. The Anjanette Young Ordinance would prohibit the practice of no-knock or knock-and-announce warrants, require more evidence beyond just one informant before conducting a raid, and require police to keep more documentation of such home invasions, especially when children are present.
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NYC’s streets, where disorder is rampant – New York Daily News

This is a great example of the connection between disorder and crime. The article also shows the need for police with other agencies as that try to do jobs that were done by police.

Recent NYPD crime stats show gun violence has crept back down, yet levels are still double what they were in 2019. Unfortunately, structural changes over the past two years in NYC policing and prosecution make it difficult to combat the seemingly benign street crimes that are tied to much of the city’s remaining violence and disorder.
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An interview with Bill Bratton on the Reducing Crime Podcast

This is an EXCELLENT Podcast. I haven’t read Bill Bratton’s new book “The Profession” but I’m sure it is probably as good as his fist book “Turnaround” (One of my favorites). Bratton talks about several main points of policing that are key to the profession. The last 10 minutes Bratton compares the trends on the 1970s that caused the crime problems in the 1990s and the parallels he sees today which may generate similar crime problems in the future. An excellent comparison.

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Racist Policing And Inappropriate Use Of Force: Aurora Police, Fire Rescue Routinely Violate State And Federal Law, AG Finds | Colorado Public Radio

Colorado will require both agencies to overhaul rules around use of force, ketamine and hiring practices.

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There is a link to the AG’s report available for download.