Wisconsin Policy Forum | An Open Investigation

The full report and the executive report are both available at the link below.

This study is a high-level analysis that seeks to assist policymakers and citizens in better understanding police services in their communities. Analysis and reflection of the comprehensive data sets we collected also yield several insights that speak to the efficacy of consolidation.

We use those data sets to inform the development of two staffing models for a consolidated department. The two models can be used to assess potential fiscal and service-level impacts and key decisions when it comes to consolidation, but considerable further analysis and negotiation would be required to actually implement a consolidated department. In addition, our charge was only to consider a single consolidated department; the communities may wish to “start small” with some less comprehensive consolidation alternatives, but we do not provide analysis of such options.

This study was undertaken with the cooperation and consultation of the police chiefs and city/village managers from each of the seven North Shore communities. We also relied heavily on data supplied by the consolidated dispatch center in Bayside. While none of the officials we interviewed individually or in groups were asked to support or reject the notion of consolidation, all were willing to spend time with us to ensure the accuracy of our data analysis and modeling.

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Police Review Panel – Welcome to the City of Fort Worth

The full report and the video presentation to the Fort Worth government are available on the link below.

City Manager David Cooke has selected a review panel of national experts to review police department policies and practices and provide recommendations on changes the police department should implement to improve and retain public trust and confidence.
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Stolen trailer found in homeless camp considered too hostile | kare11.com

There is never a place that is not private where the police can not police. It is crazy the someone can house stolen property on City owned lane and the police afraid to go get it. They might be a best time to help the victim to get it. Like early in the morning when everyone is sleeping or they might need additional resources like a tow truck if something is blocking in the trailer.

There are a couple of concepts that in play here first no one can legally possess stolen property. Second police (and citizens) can use force to protect property. Third if an area is unsafe for police it has to be cleaned up and closed down. There has to be victims suffering that are not known to the police.

The bottom line that this is a terrible circumstance and the police have to take control. First get the victim’s trailer back and secondly clean up that property.

Stolen trailer found in homeless camp considered too hostile | kare11.com
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