City of Chicago :: Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Police Board is an independent civilian body that oversees certain activities of the Chicago Police Department. The Board’s powers and responsibilities include deciding disciplinary matters involving police officers and nominating candidates for Superintendent of Police to the Mayor.
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Read the Full IG Report on the Laquan McDonald Shooting | NBC Chicago

The city of Chicago on Wednesday released more than 6,500 pages of a long-secret Inspector General’s report on the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald, making public for the first time hundreds of pages detailing…
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Biased and Abusive: The harmful effects of everyday NYPD practices | by PROP

This report serves as another reminder that every day that NYC’s political leaders sidestep this issue, our so-called criminal justice system continues its abusive and discriminatory practices. It is a painful irony that the people targeted by “broken windows” policing make up the very constituency representing the political base of the city’s leaders proud to call themselves progressives……