Police Release Records On Jussie Smollett Case: Read The Full Text : NPR

The document dump Thursday offers a detailed view of the case that investigators had crafted against the Empire actor, only to see prosecutors to drop those charges in a move that frustrated police.
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Low Trust in Police Complicates Crime Problem in Chicago

Chicago’s high crime rate ravages the city’s low-income neighborhoods, where 68% of residents would like the police to spend more time. However, most residents (60%) also say the police are viewed negatively in their area.
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The report can be accessed HERE

Is It Recording?—Racial Bias, Police Accountability, and the Body-Worn Camera Activation Policies of the Ten Largest Metropolitan Police Departments in the USA – Columbia Journal of Race and Law


In recent years, there has been a growing belief that the pressing problem of racial bias in policing might be ameliorated by a technical fix—namely, police body-worn cameras. Accordingly, body-worn cameras have been introduced in police departments across the country, giving rise to a variety of different internal guidelines and policies.
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Shattered: The Continuing, Damaging, and Disparate Legacy of Broken Windows Policing in New York City (2018) | New York Civil Liberties Union

To better understand the impacts of aggressive policing on New Yorkers, beginning in 2016 the New York Civil Liberties Union surveyed nearly 1,500 people in neighborhoods with historically high and low numbers of official stop-and-frisk reports. 
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Critical incident reviews in Tucson | Modern Policing

This is an excellent example of a police department making critical incident reviews public.

Tucson PD has a Critical Incident Review Board that operates on the principle that “When bad things happen in a complex system … the cause is rarely a single act, event, or slip-up.” The CIRB convenes independently of the department’s Office of Professional Standards for the purpose of learning from experience and improving future outcomes…
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QPP 27: George Kelling and Broken Windows | Quality Policing Podcast

Professor Kelling takes the listener back in history to the time of the infancy of Broken Widows. It is difficult to imagine a time when Broken Windows wasn’t thought of as an important crime-fighting strategy. Listening to Kelling feels like being part of his story.

George Kelling, talks about how he got into policing, the importance of being on the street, and…
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