Seattle is Dying

This is a must see documentary that shows how the quality of life in a city can collapse when homelessness, drug use and addiction, and mental health issues take over neighborhoods.  The documentary illustrates how bad neighborhood conditions become when laws are not enforced, police are handcuffed, citizen voice are not heard, the criminal justice system fails (prosecutors and courts) and politicians don’t work to protect the community.

Below is a link to an article in national review ‘What if Seattle Is Dying, and We Don’t Even Know It?’.  The article discusses a documentary from KOMO’s (Seattle news channel) Eric Johnson that explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on Seattle and possible solutions in “Seattle is Dying.”

The documentary explores topics such as: broken windows policing, quality of life, message from politicians, disgruntled police, upset citizens etc.

Link to the Article is HERE

The link to the documentary “Seattle is Dying” is:

On the KOMO website HERE

On YouTube HERE

Hands Up Don’t Shoot – Feat. Author & Professor Dr. Jennifer Cobbina 12/10 by Thinking Out Loud Radio Show | Motivation

Tonight we talk wtih a dynamic and bright young intellectual who is an Author & Professor of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. She received her PhD in Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 2009. Her research examines the intersection of race, gender, and how neighborhood contexts shapes crime and criminal justice practices. Dr. Cobbina’s research has been published in high-ranking Criminology Journals. She’s here to discuss her latest book entitled, ?Hands Up Don’t Shoot- Why the protest in Baltimore & Ferguson Matter and how they changed America.? In our discussion we talk about her findings in Ferguson & Baltimore, as well as what she believes Crminal Justice Reform actually looks like in this country. Your in tune for a informative and insightful discussion about not just not Crminal Justice, but the plight of the African American in this country. PLUS, we plan to talk about George Zimmerman’s outlandish $100Mil lawsuit against the parents of Trayvon Martin and what should be done about it, Walmart apoligizes for not just an Ugly Christmas Sweater but a very Insenstive one, and the Crowning of the new Ms. Universe, and this means for African Americans in this history of beauty pagents, And, another powerful Thought of the Week to cap tonight’s show. We hope you tune and share this post all over social media
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More cities restricting homeless | Modern Policing

This article reports an increase over the last 3 years of cities enacting laws that place restrictions on homeless people. Laws restricting camping, panhandling, sleeping in vehicles, and sharing food have all become more common, according to a study of 187 urban jurisdictions. City officials say they need tools to manage a difficult situation, while…
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