Racial disparities in citations for marijuana offenses in Miami

City officials in 2015 created a new “citation” system for use in misdemeanor pot cases to keep more people out of prisons and jails. New data confirms that those citations are largely going to white residents while black residents are more often charged with criminal offenses that can result in prison sentences. It’s “a lot more complicated” than that, says a police spokesman.

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Report on use of force incident by city of Asheville police officer

When video of this incident was first released i thought it was a perfect example of a “gray area” incident. A gray area incident is the type of incident that goes downhill or takes a wrong turn and becomes more serious that it should have been. It is initiated by an uncooperative suspect or an overzealous officer. Sometimes it is a little of each. In addition to the officer and suspect the issue usually becomes more convoluted by politics, by a district attorney tests the direction of the wind before rendering a decision, and by judges making decisions to satisfy the loudest complaints and not for justice.

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A report commissioned by the city of Asheville criticizes two Asheville police officers for not intervening when a then city police officer was beating and choking an unarmed black pedestrian last August

Links to the report Policy and Procedure Review Related to the Rush Incident” and links to earlier news reports.


News report and links to the video from body worn cameras


Charges against Officer Chris Hickman


California’s Prop 47 reduced felony drug arrest rates, racial disparities

After the passage of California’s Proposition 47, felony drug arrest rates declined and racial disparities among these arrests decreased.
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