Exclusive Breonna Taylor Raid Details, w/ Sgt. John Mattingly – YouTube

This is a fascinating interview. If you haven’t heard Sgt. John Mattingly tell what happened that night you will not believe what you are about to hear. Mattlingly is easy to listen to and very believable. You will have to question the why the Louisville Government and Police Department hid the truth from the public. Mattingly is doing a great service to policing.

This is another example of how the progressive left has lied to attack policing. The left had used the Breonna Taylor incident to as a faux reason to demand change in policing.

Take the time to listen to the interview and buy John’s book.

Megyn Kelly is joined by Sgt. John Mattingly, author of “12 Seconds in the Dark,” to discuss the truth about what happened with the Breonna Taylor raid, the misinformation spread by the media and by celebrities about the shooting, the offensive GMA interview with Mattingly, his appreciation for AG Daniel Cameron, the reality of race in policing, the truth about Kenneth Walker, and more.

— Read on m.youtube.com/watch

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