“Through Police Eyes—the Ferguson Effect Scare” by Ronald T. Hosko

This is one of the BEST articles on the “Ferguson Effect”.

Hosko has the best timeline of events that initiated and continued to support fears and concerns the maintained de-policing. This is a very honest and truthful examination of the “Ferguson Effect”. It is also pro-Police.

The dynamic world of American policing encountered a period of great turbulence during the closing years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Some place blame at his feet while others recognize the broader complexities of police and community relations, the impact of serious and deadly use of force incidents, the amplifying effect of the media, expansion of social media, police funding and training challenges, and myriad other factors as contributing to what’s now referred to as “the Ferguson effect” where police retreat from traditional proactive policing.

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Stop-and-frisk down 80% in Chicago but Black and Latinx people still hit the hardest, judge finds | Chicago Reporter

President Donald Trump took aim at the Chicago Police Department as a new report details reform efforts ushered in by an agreement with the ACLU.
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Video: After Getting Doored, Cops Tell Cyclist Lying In The Street To Expect A Summons – Gothamist

This is a tragic event. It demonstrates why vehicle and traffic law must be enforced. This is an example how enforcing minor laws can make travel safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

The brutal footage was captured on Monday afternoon by a cyclist who works in the neighborhood.
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