Ferguson: As It Unfolded

This is an interesting article to outline how the events in Ferguson unfolded.

The killing of Michael Brown by a white police officer on a Ferguson street was the spark that ignited years of frustration, distrust and anger. Protests, fueled by social media, spread; new issues emerged. Here, from the epicenter, is the story of Ferguson.
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Ferguson diagnosed a national illness. But five years later, it hasn’t been cured.



Kerner Report Resources

Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders



Summary report http://www.eisenhowerfoundation.org/docs/kerner.pdf


The Haas Institute has a conference about the 50th anniversary of The Kerner Report. There is a publication (listed below) and videos from the conference at there website. They lean far left.

The Haas Institute



Several Links here. Links to the conference videos.




The Road Not Taken: Housing and Criminal Justice 50 Years After the Kerner Commission Report



The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Kerner Commission Report



What together we can do A forty year update of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders



The Kerner Commission Report Fifty Years Later: Revisiting the American Dream



The Kerner Commission — 40 Years Later


The Tragedy of Baltimore

This is a very fair article that discusses what has happened in Baltimore since the 2015 riots.


MacGillis note how the riot is considered an uprising by some, the crime and homicide rates, $14 million cost to the State for the riot, the Ferguson Effect, police backing off enforcement, costs to families, changing and ineffective police leadership, under-policing the riots, Mosby being overzealous arresting the officers, the “pullback”, Crime increasing, 30% homicide closure rate, DOJ Report, DOJ Ignorance of local realities, political focus NOT on enforcing the law, city population near a 100 year low, new rules restricting police, community activism, Det. Sean Suiter, cops leaving the PD, officers overworked, Mayor Pugh ignoring the problem, still no police leadership, criminals EMBOLDENED, use of force reports, and the cry for equal protection.

One thing MacGillis forgot to note the infamous words of Mayor Rawlings-Blake:

The Tragedy of Baltimore
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Listening in Stockton | Modern Policing

Stockton, California was in a rough situation when the current chief was promoted to that position in 2012. The city had filed for bankruptcy, there were police layoffs, morale was low, and violent crime was up. In this interview, the chief explains how he learned to listen more carefully to members of his community, including…
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Policing Campaign – Rethink public safety. Renew community trust.

This just came out. It will be interesting to see how policing embraces this report.

We all have a role to play in ensuring that policing practices respect and protect civil and human rights. Download this toolkit to learn how you can make the change that you want.

Rethink public safety. Renew community trust.
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