New York City Bar Association

This is an interesting resource for studies about lawyers and criminal justice.

Select the links below to access publications on Bail reform and Court fines.

An organization of over 24000 lawyers dedicated to improving the administration of justice and promoting the study of law.
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Check out 2 interesting publications below:

Bail reform

Court fines

Cops Who Confiscated Bikes Carried Out ‘Racist Policy’ — And Don’t Even Know the Law They Cited – Streetsblog New York City

This is part of the Broken Windows approach to policing.

The second link is allegedly an interview with a NYPD officer.

Better walking, biking, and transit for the five boroughs
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The NYPD officer interview can be accessed HERE

Parking Enforcers Who Chalk Tires Violate The Constitution, Court Rules : NPR

Physically marking a tire without a warrant is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, a federal appeals court ruled. The amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures.
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The court document can be accessed HERE

Top cop says police must be given new powers to break up protests after demonstrators brought London to a standstill

Lawful protests.

EXCELLENT idea!!!!

Adrian Usher, head of policing Parliament, said there must be a ‘sober review’ of how demonstrators were able to besiege the Palace of Westminster
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