Phoenix police shootings: Numbers fall to 15 in 2019 after public outcry

In 2019, Phoenix police officers shot at 15 people, a significant drop from the record number the year before. Officials and advocates discuss why.
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California Gave Billions in Taxpayer Dollars to Improve Jails. But That’s Not How These Sheriffs Are Spending It. — ProPublica

California has given counties more than $8 billion to handle thousands of new inmates. But lax spending rules and limited scrutiny have allowed some sheriffs to use that money for other things, which may violate state law.
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Research Aims to Illuminate the Impact of New York’s Sweeping Bail Reform | Arnold Ventures

I hope there is some serious research following these changes. Most of these reforms are counterintuitive any will be worse to victims of crime.

Arnold Ventures is committing $5.5 million to help four expert organizations — CUNY’s Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG), the Vera Institute of Justice, the Data Collaborative for Justice (DCJ), and the New York City Criminal Justice Agency (CJA) — document how statewide changes to the criminal justice system are implemented amid a challenging landscape.
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Black Lives Matter organizer sued by injured Baton Rouge cop asks Supreme Court to defend protest rights | Courts |

Is there a difference between protest and riot? When does a protest become illegal? A rock thrown by protesters injuring anyone should make the protest illegal. At that moment must the protest end?

A civil rights group is urging the nation’s highest court to overturn a lower-court ruling that said a Black Lives Matter organizer has no First Amendment defense to a lawsuit
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