LAPD Police Pursuit Analysis Report

This is the report to the Board of Commissioners. The dilemma is that if police could never pursue then all the criminals would have to do is drive away fast enough until the police have to stop. This would be for all crimes. Speeding? Don’t stop and keep driving. What will the police do? They can’t follow you. When stopped for any crime simply drove off. I know this sounds ridiculous but why would anyone stop to be arrested? Drive away and when the police stop following you go home or to a friends and then go home tomorrow or report your car stolen. There would be almost no way to make someone comply with the law.

I understand that it is dangerous to engage in vehicle pursuits but it is the threat of pursuits that makes people comply with the law.

For example look at street and bridge (the Bay Bridge) takeovers where the street or bridge is shut down to traffic and cars or motorcycles & 4 wheelers do street stunts. The police can’t pursue, the drivers are difficult to identify so arrests are rarely made. This is why in some neighborhoods these events are weekly occurrences. Police can’t pursue, no threat of apprehension, thus creating a lawless atmosphere.

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