Discrimination and Disparities: Is Policing a Bigger Problem Than Crime? | OLD PARKLAND CONFERENCE – YouTube

Excellent discussion give it a listen!!

Are racial disparities in arrests and incarceration evidence of racist policing? Is over-policing a primary threat to the safety of black communities, as Black Lives Matter activists and others have argued in recent years? Should we reduce police resources and prosecute fewer crimes? Do black men have more reason than others to fear law enforcement? Is the drug war driving “mass incarceration”? Jason Riley engaged with Janice Rogers Brown, Roland Fryer, and Rafael Mangual on these questions and more
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In Buffalo, Allentown residents express concerns for neighborhood | wgrz.com

In Buffalo, Allentown residents express concerns for neighborhood | wgrz.com

Here is a short news clip that commonly summarizes neighborhood issues. Quality of Life and crime. This is what concerns people.

Important crime-fighting strategies: Broken Windows Policing, Community Policing, Problem Solving, and Hot Spots. If a police department applied these 4 policing strategies they would immediately knock down Quality of Life issues and Crime were the community would feel instant results.

The neighborhood would be grateful and the police would feel a sense of accomplishment.
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UPDATE: SF Mayor London Breed Announces Crime Crackdown; ‘Less Tolerant Of All The Bulls–t That Has Destroyed Our City’ – CBS San Francisco

Is the Mayor ready to improve San Francisco or is this more political rhetoric? Will the police be allowed to do their job and improve the City?

Mayor London Breed launched an emergency police intervention in San Francisco’s crime-ridden Tenderloin neighborhood Tuesday, targeting a pipeline of illegal drugs that has been fueling a surge in gun violence and deadly fentanyl overdoses.
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Career criminals rack up nearly 500 arrests since NY bail reform began

Bail reform in NY IS NOT working.

This article captures the context of why some crime-fighting strategies work like broken windows, pulling levers, hot spots (persons).

Career criminals rack up nearly 500 arrests since NY bail reform began
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Stolen trailer found in homeless camp considered too hostile | kare11.com

There is never a place that is not private where the police can not police. It is crazy the someone can house stolen property on City owned lane and the police afraid to go get it. They might be a best time to help the victim to get it. Like early in the morning when everyone is sleeping or they might need additional resources like a tow truck if something is blocking in the trailer.

There are a couple of concepts that in play here first no one can legally possess stolen property. Second police (and citizens) can use force to protect property. Third if an area is unsafe for police it has to be cleaned up and closed down. There has to be victims suffering that are not known to the police.

The bottom line that this is a terrible circumstance and the police have to take control. First get the victim’s trailer back and secondly clean up that property.

Stolen trailer found in homeless camp considered too hostile | kare11.com
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Bill Bratton: Police Reform Needs to Come From Within – The Atlantic

Perfect timing or should an article like this been written way sooner in defense of police and policing?

Did the noise of the 2020 protests and riots have to die down before the opposition could hear this article or should have it been written sooner to defend policing?

People are rightly worried about rising crime. We know how to tackle that problem, and it’s not by defunding.
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