Public Safety on NYC Subways: No Safety in Small Numbers | Manhattan Institute

As the Manhattan Institute reported last summer,[5] the subways were a violence-reduction success story from the early 1990s until 2019. Proactive policing, begun in the 1990s by then–transit police chief William J. Bratton, cut felonies by 15% just in 1991, and felonies underground continued…
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More Criminals, More Crime | Manhattan Institute

New York State’s new bail laws, enacted in 2019 and made effective at the beginning of 2020, were billed as a means to end the “mass incarceration” of the poor and minorities who were unable to post even small amounts of bail.[1] Advocates justified the changes (outlined below) with…
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Restoring Public Safety | Manhattan Institute

This paper is part of a series Policy Recommendations to Renew and Reform New York State, adapted from the Empire Center’s The Next New York series.New York was the site of what was surely one of the most significant government-led achievements in urban American history: a steep drop in…
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Policy Recommendations to Renew and Reform New York State | Manhattan Institute

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The following are policy recommendations adapted from the Empire Center’s The Next New York series, which aims to renew and reform New York state. Topics addressed by Manhattan Institute scholars for this briefing book include criminal justice, education, mental health, and…
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Time-Honored Steps Can Boost Safety During A Spike in Violent Transit Crime – The Tablet

This is an interesting article about subway crime prevention. Think of crime prevention like taking vitamins. People take vitamins to improve heath. You still might get sick. Maybe not or maybe the illness will be less severe. The same with crime prevention. Practicing safe crime preventative measures doesn’t always eliminate crime,it may, but it may also lessen the severity of it if a crime occurs. This article offers some great tips.

Time-Honored Steps Can Boost Safety During A Spike in Violent Transit Crime – The Tablet
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More Guns, Same Amount of Crime? | Manhattan Institute

The past 40 years have seen nothing short of a revolution in Americans’ right to carry a concealed firearm in public. In 1980, the vast majority of states either did not grant concealed weapon permits or offered them only on a “may-issue” basis, meaning that authorities retained discretion…
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