City of Oakland | Oakland Police Negotiated Settlement Agreement…

This is similar to a Consent Decree. Follow the link below and Take some time to search through the various reports. Each report is over 100 pages and there are 50 plus reports. I don’t think OPD has fulfilled all the tasks of the NSA. Crazy.

Oakland Police Negotiated Settlement Agreement (NSA) and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Reports
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An Interactive Guide to the Civil Rights Division’s Police Reforms

This is a fabulous resource to the DOJ Consent Decrees. It is an interactive guide that sorts through past Police Consent Decrees and breaks them into various categories. When you select a category it shows key paragraphs in the Consent Decree that pertain to the searched topic.

It is very useful to compare concepts among several different Consent Decrees.

You can find the guide HERE

Summer of Violent Policing Means More Federal Review for Portland Police – Courthouse News Service

Summer of Violent Policing Means More Federal Review for Portland Police – Courthouse News Service
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This is ironic for Portland Police. They have been in a constant conflict with protester/rioters since late May 2020. At times the Portland Officers hands are tied trying to control the protesters/rioters and it appears the officers did not always have clear guidance on amount or methods of use of force to control the protesters/rioters. Which is a troubling and difficult position to be in. It appears that this confusion was created by the Judge Hernandez and the politicians. Now Judge Hernandez is thinking to hold Portland in contempt over the police departments response to the violent rioters.

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United States v. City of Portland DOJ’s Fifth Periodic Compliance Assessment Report can be accessed here:

Consent Decree Monitoring Team for Baltimore City

The Baltimore Police Monitoring Team oversees the implementation of a Consent Decree—a judicially-enforceable agreement—between the City of Baltimore and the United States.  The Consent Decree requires the Baltimore City Police Department to adopt a number of specific reforms aimed at ensuring effective, safe, and constitutional policing.

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The Tragedy of Baltimore

This is a very fair article that discusses what has happened in Baltimore since the 2015 riots.


MacGillis note how the riot is considered an uprising by some, the crime and homicide rates, $14 million cost to the State for the riot, the Ferguson Effect, police backing off enforcement, costs to families, changing and ineffective police leadership, under-policing the riots, Mosby being overzealous arresting the officers, the “pullback”, Crime increasing, 30% homicide closure rate, DOJ Report, DOJ Ignorance of local realities, political focus NOT on enforcing the law, city population near a 100 year low, new rules restricting police, community activism, Det. Sean Suiter, cops leaving the PD, officers overworked, Mayor Pugh ignoring the problem, still no police leadership, criminals EMBOLDENED, use of force reports, and the cry for equal protection.

One thing MacGillis forgot to note the infamous words of Mayor Rawlings-Blake:

The Tragedy of Baltimore
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