The April 2020 Nova Scotia Mass Shooting-Final Report | Mass Casualty Commission

On March 30, 2023, the Mass Casualty Commission released its Final Report – Turning the Tide Together – in Truro, Nova Scotia and delivered to the Governors in Council of Nova Scotia and of Canada. The work of the Commission has now concluded.

in April 2020, in the first weeks of the COviD-19 pandemic, the most lethal mass shooting in Canadian civilian history unfolded over 13 terrible hours in Nova Scotia. A perpetrator shot and killed 22 people, one of whom was expecting a child. Many more people were harmed and affected, across Canada, the United States, and


On behalf of all Canadians, the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia estab- lished the Mass Casualty Commission in October 2020 to determine what happened, how and why it happened, and to set out lessons learned as well as recommendations that could help prevent and respond to similar incidents in the future. After two and a half years of independent and thorough investigation, this Report comprehensively fulfills the Commission’s mandate.
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