Where Gun Stores Open, Gun Homicides Increase – Scientific American

So the homicides from gun violence are due to persons buying guns legally to kill someone? I always thought that most of the gun violence was driven by illegally obtained guns.

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Chicago Crime, Murder & Mayhem | Criminal Infographics | HeyJackass! | Illustrating Chicago Values

This is an AWESOME website if you are interested in the murder totals in Chicago. Det 273 gave me this one. Thanks.

It is actually sad that Chicago can’t do a better job with controlling the murders. I think. The cops there aren’t the problem so it must be administration or the politicians. Professor Wesley Skogan has been working with CPD for decades. With all the crime-fighting strategies that policing has something should work.

Illustrating the Chicago Values of Crime, Murder & Mayhem with comprehensive charts, precise graphs and exhaustive data sets of Chicago stupidity.
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A Public Health Crisis Decades in the Making A Review of 2019 CDC Gun Mortality Data

Gun violence is an American public health crisis decades in the making . The latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show that 39,707 people, 86% of whom were male, lost their lives to gun violence in 2019 . It was the third consecutive year of nearly 40,000 gun deaths, and part of a three-year cluster with a higher gun death rate than any other time in the last two decades . Further, almost one in ten (3,390) gun deaths in 2019 were children and teens, the second-highest number of annual child and teen gun deaths in twenty years. In 2019, firearms were the leading cause of death for American children, teens, and young adults ages 1 to 24

Access the report here…….efsgv.org/wp-content/uploads/2019CDCdata.pdf