Targeting Retaliation: Stopping the chain reaction of gun violence in Paterson

Targeting Retaliation: Stopping the chain reaction of gun violence in Paterson, NJ(13:11) (Check out the video at the link below)

The Paterson Healing Collective has been working to reduce shootings in the city since 2020. This is the story of the work they do and the lives they touch.

Michael Karas (see interview at link below) is a visual journalist at and The Record. After years in which he often reported several stories a day, Karas recently devoted all his time to a single story: A documentary about an anti-violence organization called the Paterson Healing Collective. We wanted to learn more about the project, and this important group. This conversation has been edited for clarity, and condensed for length.

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Podcast then Glenn Show: A discussion between Glenn Loury and Rafael Mangual about Manhual’s Book: “Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets long and Who It Hurts Most”

If you haven’t read Rafael Mangual’s book it’s AWESOME!!  It’s an easy read pertinent to what is going on in policing and criminal justice. If you have never listen to the Glenn show before it is an awesome podcast.

This episode of the gun show highlights much of what is discussed in the book with Glenn Loury, playing devil’s advocate, and Rafael Manuel answering all his questions. I recommend listening to this podcast and then going out and getting the book. 

Glenn Loury (Manhattan Institute, Brown University) and Rafael Mangual (Manhattan Institute, Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets long and Who It Hurts Most)
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Investigative Report on the Role of Online Platforms in the Tragic Mass Shooting in Buffalo on May 14, 2022

The mass shooting in and around the Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022 that claimed

the lives of ten individuals and injured three others was all the more horrific because of the white supremacist ideological motivation that fueled it and the shooter’s meticulous planning. The disturbing reality is that

this attack is part of an epidemic of mass shootings often perpetrated by young men radicalized online by

an ideology of hate. This report details what my office has learned about how the Buffalo shooter was first indoctrinated and radicalized through online platforms, and how he used these and other platforms to plan, implement, and promote these acts of terror.1 The report assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the response of various online platforms in the wake of the Buffalo shooting. Readers should be cautioned that this report contains graphic textual descriptions of bigotry and violence, including quotes from the shooter’s own writing that, in our opinion, are necessary to contextualize and explain this story.

More Guns, Same Amount of Crime? | Manhattan Institute

The past 40 years have seen nothing short of a revolution in Americans’ right to carry a concealed firearm in public. In 1980, the vast majority of states either did not grant concealed weapon permits or offered them only on a “may-issue” basis, meaning that authorities retained discretion…
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Phoenix Police chief says manhunt intensifying for suspect who shot officer – YouTube

This news interview is a perfect example of how the local news media supports law enforcement. Chief Williams did an excellent job conveying the police department’s message and the risk to the community. Chief Williams also showed the awesome community support that the PD was receiving.

The news reporter showed his concern for the officers and the community and the need to support to PD.

This is vastly different that what is shown in the national news (excluding Fox News and Newsmax TV). It is refreshing to see and it should remind us all of the local support that police receive.

God Bless the Phoenix officers that are injured and their families so they can get through these difficult times. God bless the Phoenix PD because everyone in the department is suffering from these attacks. Thanks to the Phoenix community for their support.

“In four months, we’ve had 8 officers shot (and) 13 injured in 4 months.” Phoenix chief Jeri Williams said Friday on Good Morning Arizona.
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Vital City | Gun Violence is THE Crime Problem

This article discusses the impact of crime and fear of crime and not all fear of crime is equal. Gun violence disproportionately impacts peoples lives compared to property crime.

Gun violence, and the fear of gun violence, distort the lives of millions of
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