Phoenix Police chief says manhunt intensifying for suspect who shot officer – YouTube

This news interview is a perfect example of how the local news media supports law enforcement. Chief Williams did an excellent job conveying the police department’s message and the risk to the community. Chief Williams also showed the awesome community support that the PD was receiving.

The news reporter showed his concern for the officers and the community and the need to support to PD.

This is vastly different that what is shown in the national news (excluding Fox News and Newsmax TV). It is refreshing to see and it should remind us all of the local support that police receive.

God Bless the Phoenix officers that are injured and their families so they can get through these difficult times. God bless the Phoenix PD because everyone in the department is suffering from these attacks. Thanks to the Phoenix community for their support.

“In four months, we’ve had 8 officers shot (and) 13 injured in 4 months.” Phoenix chief Jeri Williams said Friday on Good Morning Arizona.
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Vital City | Gun Violence is THE Crime Problem

This article discusses the impact of crime and fear of crime and not all fear of crime is equal. Gun violence disproportionately impacts peoples lives compared to property crime.

Gun violence, and the fear of gun violence, distort the lives of millions of
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Where Gun Stores Open, Gun Homicides Increase – Scientific American

So the homicides from gun violence are due to persons buying guns legally to kill someone? I always thought that most of the gun violence was driven by illegally obtained guns.

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
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Chicago Crime, Murder & Mayhem | Criminal Infographics | HeyJackass! | Illustrating Chicago Values

This is an AWESOME website if you are interested in the murder totals in Chicago. Det 273 gave me this one. Thanks.

It is actually sad that Chicago can’t do a better job with controlling the murders. I think. The cops there aren’t the problem so it must be administration or the politicians. Professor Wesley Skogan has been working with CPD for decades. With all the crime-fighting strategies that policing has something should work.

Illustrating the Chicago Values of Crime, Murder & Mayhem with comprehensive charts, precise graphs and exhaustive data sets of Chicago stupidity.
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