Chicago Police Training Teaches Officers That Their Lives Matter more Than Community Lives

Don’t let the title fool you. Generally police are trained that they must survive and go home. It’s not that the community is less important than the police.

This Report from community representatives of Chicago’s Use of Force Community Working Group offers our feedback on the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) training on de-escalation and the use of force. The Working Group was first convened in the summer of 2020 in response to the requirements of the federal civil rights Consent Decree designed to bring an end to the CPD’s pattern of police brutality and racial discrimination. Over the course of two years, the Working Group persuaded the CPD to make transformative changes to its policies governing police use of force.1 Last fall, we issued a Public Report on CPD’s new policies, including areas still in need of change.2 The new policies, if implemented and enforced on the ground, have the potential to dramatically reduce unnecessary CPD violence and improve public safety.

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