Denver Task Force to Reimagine Policing and Public Safety

Overview: The Task Force to Reimaging Policing and Public Safety is a community based initiative arising out of the tragic aftermath of the killing of George Floyd on May  25, 2020 in Minneapolis and the subsequent nationwide Black Lives Matter solidarity protests demanding the structural transformation of policing. This Task Force is the result of conversations from recent town halls with community members, faith leaders, service  providers, elected officials and Denver Department of Public Safety to move toward  action and healing.

At the website there are several videos from the different task force meetings and several different reports available (including the Task Force Report). Take some to explore what the website has to offer.

The website can be accessed HERE
The Task Force report can be accessed HERE

Cop Out: Analyzing 20 Years of Records Proving Impunity | New York Civil Liberties Union | ACLU of New York

In the summer of 2020, the New York Civil Liberties Union obtained a comprehensive database of complaints made by the public to the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), the independent agency charged with investigating complaints about NYPD misconduct. Then in May of 2021, the NYCLU added updated and more detailed information to the database, which now
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21st Century Policing Task Force Report: The First Five Year

The National Police Foundation (NPF) partnered with the Joyce Foundation and 21CP Solutions to examine the reach and impact of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report in the law enforcement field in the five years following the publication’s release. NPF used quantifiable measures to demonstrate diffusion of report concepts along with qualitative data on stakeholder perceptions.

In December 2014, the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing (hereafter “the 21CP Task Force”) was established in the aftermath of police uses of force in Ferguson, MO, Cleveland, OH, and New York City, and related First Amendment assemblies and protests across the United States. The 21CP Task Force focused policing practices that promote effective crime reduction strategies and build public trust.

In May 2015, the 21CP Task Force delivered a final report (hereafter “the 21CP Task Force Report”) with 156 recommendations and action items to law enforcement agencies and the federal government. These were organized within six pillars—building trust and legitimacy, policy and oversight, technology and social media, community policing and crime reduction, training and education, and officer wellness and safety. NPF will assess the 21CPTask Force Report’s reach and impact within the law enforcement field in the five years following the publication release.

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21st Century Policing Task Force Report: The First Five Years (Final Report)