Podcast: Bill Bratton On Fighting Crime Without Shredding Civil Liberties

Commissioner Bratton discusses and explains many of his theories, strategies, and tactics for policing. It was refreshing to hear Commissioner Bratton defend good police policies against liberal activists.

I especially enjoyed the podcaster’s argument about resolving drug crime by making illegal drugs legal. They said it’s an easy fix. Unfortunately certain drugs are illegal because of the harm they cause. But I have to give the hosts credit because I think they solved the crime problem. They would be no crime if all crime was made legal.

The former head of the NYPD and the LAPD talks about how bad leadership creates police brutality and why he’s still against pot legalization.
— Read on reason.com/podcast/2023/03/15/bill-bratton-fighting-crime-without-shredding-civil-liberties/

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