Don’t bring back broken windows: Manhattan DA Cy Vance argues against ratcheting back up prosecutions for smaller offenses – New York Daily News

Over the past decade, New York City authored a remarkable public safety success story that saved thousands of lives, transformed the safety of communities across the five boroughs, and overturned false narratives about the efficacy of broken windows policing. As America’s safest big city, we proved that significant reductions in violent crime could be achieved without unconstitutional stop-and-frisk tactics or unnecessary prosecutions of low-level non-violent offenses, both of which disproportionately harmed our Black and Latino communities.
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Justice in the time of coronavirus: End broken windows policing – New York Daily News

We now live in a time of cancellations and closings. Most seriously, our public schools are now closed, no longer serving the 1.1 million city children who usually attend. Also shuttered are some of our principal entertainments and iconic distractions. Bars and restaurants, for instance, cannot serve sitting customers, only make deliveries.
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De Blasio’s New York Slips Toward a Crisis of Crime & Disorder – American Security Today

This is a good article on Broken Windows Policing. There are 2 videos one on Mayor De Blasio and a cartoon type video about the Broken Windows Theory. Well done!

De Blasio’s New York Slips Toward a Crisis of Crime & Disorder – American Security Today
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Is “Broken Windows” Broken? – KPFA

This is an interesting interview on the effects of the application of Broken Windows Policing on homeless people.

The premise of the interview was that when minor violations of law are enforced on homeless people it makes them more disorderly.

I think this premise is flawed because it is similar to saying that enforcement of speeding laws creates more speeders because by stopping someone who was speeding now makes them late to wherever they were going and now they have to speed more!!!

Is “Broken Windows” Broken? – KPFA
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Dr. Sparks article

Shattered: The Continuing, Damaging, and Disparate Legacy of Broken Windows Policing in New York City (2018) | New York Civil Liberties Union

To better understand the impacts of aggressive policing on New Yorkers, beginning in 2016 the New York Civil Liberties Union surveyed nearly 1,500 people in neighborhoods with historically high and low numbers of official stop-and-frisk reports. 
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