Inside the Black Market for Temporary License Plates | 1: The Dealers — Streetsblog Projects

This is an excellent article describing the many issues surrounding the illegal and illegitimate use of temporary tags (vehicle registrations).

This also makes a person wonder why Cities like Philadelphia and San Francisco want to limit police investigations of vehicle registration including temporary tags.

Streetsblog found licensed used car dealers exploiting loose regulations to
sell real temp tags illegally.
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Podcast: Bill Bratton On Fighting Crime Without Shredding Civil Liberties

Commissioner Bratton discusses and explains many of his theories, strategies, and tactics for policing. It was refreshing to hear Commissioner Bratton defend good police policies against liberal activists.

I especially enjoyed the podcaster’s argument about resolving drug crime by making illegal drugs legal. They said it’s an easy fix. Unfortunately certain drugs are illegal because of the harm they cause. But I have to give the hosts credit because I think they solved the crime problem. They would be no crime if all crime was made legal.

The former head of the NYPD and the LAPD talks about how bad leadership creates police brutality and why he’s still against pot legalization.
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Public Safety on NYC Subways: No Safety in Small Numbers | Manhattan Institute

As the Manhattan Institute reported last summer,[5] the subways were a violence-reduction success story from the early 1990s until 2019. Proactive policing, begun in the 1990s by then–transit police chief William J. Bratton, cut felonies by 15% just in 1991, and felonies underground continued…
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In Buffalo, Allentown residents express concerns for neighborhood |

In Buffalo, Allentown residents express concerns for neighborhood |

Here is a short news clip that commonly summarizes neighborhood issues. Quality of Life and crime. This is what concerns people.

Important crime-fighting strategies: Broken Windows Policing, Community Policing, Problem Solving, and Hot Spots. If a police department applied these 4 policing strategies they would immediately knock down Quality of Life issues and Crime were the community would feel instant results.

The neighborhood would be grateful and the police would feel a sense of accomplishment.
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Advocates call on city, state to tackle ‘root causes’ of subway safety instead of heavy policing | amNewYork

Make sure to check out the 12 page report that is available on the website.

Transit advocates want city and state leaders to tackle what activists said are the root causes of subway safety concerns, rather than throwing law
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