Pittsburgh Police resume certain minor traffic stops despite policy against them | 90.5 WESA

This has been an interest of mine. How can a municipality dictate the enforcement of State Law? In this case vehicle and traffic law.

The below article has likes to the specific law and it allows for “secondary enforcement” but not primary enforcement.

The two violations I’ll discuss are expired registration and expired inspection. I am surprised that expired registration gets a pass because it’s a money grab for the State and expired inspection is a SAFETY issue and/or an EMISSIONS issue. Emissions! Hello environmentalists.

The main question is how can a municipality set aside a subset a laws and label them “Do Not Enforce”. Every other municipality enforces these laws yet in Pennsylvania yet in Pittsburgh these laws are purposefully under enforced.

What other State laws can be ignored? Theft? Damage to property? Assault? Murder? Or just vehicle and traffic laws?

When police take the oath of office the swear to uphold the laws and the constitution of the State and the municipality that they work in. How can a municipality have police stop enforcing state law?


Pittsburgh Police officials say a city ordinance that blocks enforcement of certain minor traffic violations is “preventing them from doing their jobs.”
— Read on www.wesa.fm/politics-government/2023-01-12/pittsburgh-police-resume-secondary-traffic-stops-despite-city-ordinance-against-them

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