Evaluation of Prosecutorial Policy Reforms Eliminating Criminal Penalties for Drug Possession and Sex Work in Baltimore, Maryland

This seems counter intuitive. Drug crimes and prostitution are notorious for high recidivism rates. Now to say that after a drug or prostitution arrest then not to prosecute will lower recidivism? This is questionable. I haven’t read this report yet but my first instinct is that this is hard to believe.


2022 Year End Review Crime in America

Nationwide crime is still on the rise, but why? Crime continues to plague American communities across the Nation. In the wake of the widespread civil unrest and violence that beset much of the country in 2020, crime rose to levels unseen in decades. Unfortunately, while the riots and looting have abated, overall crime rates have not.
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Modernize the Criminal Justice System: An Agenda for the New Congress | Manhattan Institute

Crime, particularly violent crime, is a pressing concern for the American people. The surge in homicide and associated violence in the past three years has made voters skittish and prompted aggressive partisan finger-pointing. This increase has not, however, prompted significant investment in our criminal justice system. Ironically, as this report argues, this increase in violent […]
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Philly Police Want You to Help Them Arrest Homicide Suspects

“Nationally, only 4 percent of police funding goes toward solving homicides,” THIS this is a very complicated statement?! Most PDs across the nation investigate ZERO homicides. So their funding would be zero. Most PDs don’t have a homicide unit. Conversely PDs in large cities have as it’s homicide budget second only to patrol. I would think that Philadelphia has a homicide budget well above 4% and if not that is probably where some of the problem is with not solving homicides.

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