Public Report — Chicago Use of Force Community Working Group

Public Report on the Use of Force Community Working Group—Chicago

The Use of Force Community Working Group1 has achieved transformative changes to the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) Use of Force policies. These changes are the result of the Community Working Group’s leadership and advocacy and have the potential to reduce CPD violence and make the people of Chicago safer. This Report, issued by the community members who served on the Working Group, highlights those changes and describes the greatest shortcomings in CPD’s force policies still in need of change. It is critical that Chicagoans are informed both about our progress and about the areas where it remains crucial for people to speak out and advocate for change. We recommend that the Community Commission on Public Safety and Accountability immediately take up these recommendations for a better and safer Chicago. One of the greatest lessons we learned in this process is that change is not self-executing: it happens only when the people of Chicago make it happen.

See the report here:

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