Boulder City Council’s Removal of Police Oversight Member is Another Blow to Panel’s Effectiveness – Yellow Scene Magazine

This is an interesting article about how to remove a member from a police oversight board. There must be a process because members of these boards can’t have absolute membership and authority. Right??? Each removal process probably varies by charter or local or state laws. From what I could follow Denver’s council passed a law to form the Police Oversight Panel which always interests me because isn’t that the legislative branch taking control of the executive branch (which controls the police department)? It would be like Mayor passing a Banker position that would control the government funds to circumvent the city council. Good for the Mayor but that would break the separation of powers. Whatever no one cares.

Boulder City Council decided to remove Police Oversight Panel (POP) member Lisa Sweeney-Miran in a 5-2 vote on Thursday May 4th with two council members Boulder City Council removed Police Oversight Panel ember Lisa Sweeney-Miran, bringing additional questions to the panel’s effectiveness
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