Mayor Karen Bass Statement On the Deaths of Takar Smith, Keenan Anderson & Oscar Sanchez | Mayor Karen Bass

This statement by Mayor Bass reads disingenuous to police. It reads that if the investigations exonerate the police Mayor Bass will disagree.

As far as dealing with Mr Anderson. When the officer tried to deescalate and calm Anderson for 10 minutes and then Anderson runs into a busy traffic intersection not only does the officer have to control an accident scene he has to control Anderson for his safety, the safety of other motorists, and conduct a possible criminal investigation.

Apparently Mayor Bass thinks by her statement that this is an easy task. Even if other mental health workers were on scene they would have needed the police to gain control of Mr. Anderson and remove him from the traffic intersection.

LOS ANGELES – Mayor Karen Bass today issued the following statement: “I have grave concerns about the deeply disturbing tapes that were released today. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones who are mourning the loss of Takar Smith, Keenan Anderson and Oscar Sanchez.
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