What really happened that night in Louisville and the shooting of Breonna Taylor?

If you only listen to news media reports you get one version of how Breonna Taylor died that night 3-13-2020. Listen to Sgt. John Mattingly on Charlie Kirk’s podcast and the listener is exposed to a vastly different version to what happened that day. One thing for certain is that evening has impacted the Taylor family and the officers at the incident beyond comprehension. What is owed to both is the truth.

The segment on the Charlie Kirk podcast interview of Sgt. John Mattingly begins at about the 15:30 minute mark can be accessed HERE and lasts for about 11 1/2 minutes until the 27:00 minute mark. Sgt. Mattingly sounds professional and believable. Why didn’t this information come out immediately after the incident? Kirk mentions that this incident has impacted police policy across the nation. Especially ending the police use of “No Knock Warrants” which weren’t even in play here. Police decisions based on lies lead to bad policing.

Official police records can be seen HERE.

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