Crisis in Policing (with Bill Bratton)

This is a good interview view with Bill Bratton. Unfortunately some of his recent interviews hvve tried to fit the current anti-police rhetoric and seemed to rewrite history. I was disappointed how one interview didn’t “stand p for Broken Windows policing that I was thinking of NOT reading his latest book – The Profession which he discusses in this interview. I purchased it mainly because of how this interview went and what I heard was the “old” Bill Bratton from the 1990’s

Preet interviews Bill Bratton, who has led the police departments in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston. Often called “America’s top cop,” Bratton is credited with being the primary architect of modern policing in America.

Preet’s conversation with Bratton was hosted by the Temple Emanuel Streicker Center in New York City. Don’t miss the bonus for CAFE Insiders, where Preet asks Bratton a series of questions posed by the event’s live audience.

The interview with Bill Bratton starts a few minutes in.
You can get the interview HERE

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