Is Police Reform Over – Podcast #134

This podcast is another anti-police view for reform. There were some comments that police Reform hasn’t work so maybe its time to stop trying to reform police. Policing is in constant change and reform. Over the past 30 years there has been changes in technology, use of force, response to domestic violence, police pursuits, changes in law, implicit bias, de-escalation, etc. When change is difficult is because police offices think the reforms are illegitimate. They are agenda driven and spearheaded by a small amount of people.

A second thing that the participants discuss are several thinks that are not part of policing like homelessness, unemployment, housing, access to school yet they discuss law enforcement’s role with these issues. These are not law enforcement issues. You call for the abolition of the police yet you connect police to issues that it is not part of. WHY? Because you know that it is the police that will be called to lend assistance because there are NO OTHER agencies that are available 27/7/365.

Unfortunately through the whole podcast I don’t hear anything positive about the police. It is difficult to think that you are legitimately trying to improve policing when discussed about policing is negative. When anyone who is part of policing knows that it just isn’t so.

The podcast can be accessed here…

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