Reducing Violence Without Police a Review of Research Evidence

  • Can communities ensure the health and security of residents without depending on law enforcement,
  • What is the strongest research evidence to aid in the selection of violence-reduction strategies,
  • How can community leaders and funding organizations like Arnold Ventures draw upon existing evidence while building even better evidence, and
  • How can funding organizations use this report to elevate discussions about violence, improve outcomes in communities affected by violence, and help local and national partners to identify evidence-based interventions that are ready to be scaled.

Select HERE to access the report

The major consideration with this report is that what this report suggests is are non-police ways to supplement policing. If ideas and concepts are implemented from this report they should be implemented in the mindset that the value come when these programs run concurrent with policing. Examining many of what this publication sets forth, none of it was examined as a standalone project without policing. All the programs were examined as a response other than law enforcement but the police were still policing.

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