3 Arrested in New York City Water Bucket Attacks – Patrol – POLICE Magazine

Attempting to drown police officers with water has become some of the most recent viral videos. This is dangerous for the police and the public. Note this is not the same as squirting your favorite uncle at the family reunion.

This is dangerous because the H2O attackers have interfered with arrests, sprayed an unknown liquid on officers, hit officers with squirt guns and plastic buckets, grabbed onto officers, and damaged property.

Hopefully with police making an arrest this won’t become a growing trend.

Police in New York City have arrested three men in connection with the water bucket attacks in which police officers were doused with water in videos that were posted to social media on Monday.
— Read on www.policemag.com/519156/3-arrested-in-new-york-city-water-bucket-attacks

Union reaction to the initial attack


Guidance Memo NYPD


HERE is an alternative view.

New legislation to protect police

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