Through our analysis of the database, the NYCLU found:

The vast majority of police misconduct complaints never result in accountability. *The use of “complaint” in this report refers to each discrete act of misconduct investigated by the CCRB, or what the CCRB calls “allegations.”

• Of the 180,700 complaints investigated by the CCRB since 2000, only two percent received some type of discipline from

the NYPD, and less than one percent received serious discipline, like forfeiting vacation days, suspension, probation, or termination.

• The NYPD overrode the CCRB’s recommendation by imposing a lesser grade of discipline or imposing no discipline in 74 percent of substantiated cases (meaning cases in which

misconduct is found to be improper based on a preponderance of the evidence).

• Only three percent of force complaints and complaints involving a firearm investigated by the CCRB were substantiated.

• 80 percent of substantiated

complaints that received a disciplinary recommendation of “Charges and Specifications” from the CCRB – the most serious recommendation – did not result in serious discipline (forfeiting vacation days, suspension, probation, or termination) from the NYPD.

• Black officers were 33 percent more likely to receive serious discipline than white officers.

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