Black And Hispanic NYPD Officers Reveal ‘Collars For Dollars’ Arrest Quotas In Discrimination Lawsuit Against The Police Department – Blavity News

“It was emphasized that we needed to stop male Blacks. Those were the ones Tsachas wanted to go to jail,” former officer Pierre Maximilien’s sworn affidavit reads.
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Jennifer E. Cobbina: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot — this is not a pipe podcast

This is an interesting podcast. It is a nice discussion about Professor Cobbina’s book which I’m in the midst of completing.

I have a different reaction to the book than the author of the podcast.

Many people are obviously aware that this nation was founded on a system
of slavery, but what many people don’t know is that the origins of policing
in the United States can be traced to the institution of slavery.”
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Biased and Abusive: The harmful effects of everyday NYPD practices | by PROP

This report serves as another reminder that every day that NYC’s political leaders sidestep this issue, our so-called criminal justice system continues its abusive and discriminatory practices. It is a painful irony that the people targeted by “broken windows” policing make up the very constituency representing the political base of the city’s leaders proud to call themselves progressives……