Report on Reimagining Policing and Community Safety in Seattle – Executive Report

The IDT conducted significant community outreach to guide recommendations and policy options including meetings with 11 city-wide boards, commissions, and advisory councils; roundtables and neighborhood tours; and, compilation of thousands of constituent emails, phone calls, and letters. We understand that “Community” is not a monolith – recommendations and priorities were different with different constituent groups. There was, however, a broad coalition of people calling for a more visible patrol presences, with officers doing specific tasks. Residents shared a desire for SPD to return to “foot beats” and build opportunities for neighborhoods to develop deeper relationships with the officers that serve them. This recommendation became more prevalent when staffing shortages required that Community Police Team officers be redeployed to patrol operations. We also frequently heard that public safety extends beyond policing. Stakeholders strongly supported expanded or new funding opportunities for youth violence prevention, youth employment, homeless outreach services, affordable housing, and mental health resources. SPD patrol officers often have not been equipped to help residents make connections to these resources.

The report can be accessed HERE

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