George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020

Vote NO to HR 1280 the ‘‘George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021’’

This HR 1280 ‘‘George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021’’ as a whole is disastrous to policing. There may be some provisions in the bill that could be positive but how HR 1280 was developed and in its current form it is detrimental to community safety and policing.

What happened to Mr. George Floyd is tragic and should never happen again. However, the process of calling for a change to 18,000 different police departments because of one single incident is a disservice to the citizens and it will negatively impact the type of policing the public receives. 

As of this date there has not been a determination as to what the factors caused the police response that led to the death of George Floyd. Still without a critical examination of all the factors that led to Mr. Floyd’s death legislatures have blindly submitted laws across the country to make changes in policing. This this process is akin to someone dying during a routine operation and Congress passing laws on how doctors should operate without a full review on the cause of death.  It doesn’t make sense.

Policing is local just like politics and crime is local. If changes to police must be made do so smartly and not because of few loud voices of radical criminals that created carnage in American streets.  Defund the police? That narrative is driven from various small groups and a news media that has an agenda to delegitimize law enforcement.  Hometown America isn’t looking to defund the police.  The best measure to understand the need for change in policing is to look back on 5-24-2020, where there were no calls for change in policing.

To back HR 2080 shows that you have no concern for the police and little concern for the citizens they protect.

Here is the LINK to the bill’s page

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