London’s Violence Reduction Unit

What we know from the research on preventing violence

Those involved in violence are likely to be vulnerable in multiple, interrelated ways and many may have experienced past victimisation and trauma. A lot of research has examined the relationship between exposure to what researchers have called ‘adverse childhood experiences’ – or ACEs in the research literature – and violent offending.

Adverse childhood experiences take on many forms, such as the death of a parent or close friend, household criminality, exposure to domestic abuse, substance misuse or bullying, and difficulties with health, communication or learning. These experiences can increase vulnerability to violence. In short, ACEs are a form of trauma, or series of traumas, experienced during the important, formative stages of a life.

We try to minimise these risk factors and instead build resilience. The Violence Reduction Unit commissions research to inform future approaches and provides funding to projects and programmes that target prevention at individuals. 

There are a series of report available at the website. Check them out HERE

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