San Diego mayor, chief and police reform advocate talk policing during forum – The San Diego Union-Tribune

This is how police officers have been defined as racist – by racial bias – that the police don’t mean to be bias but can’t help it.

I’ll bet that there is ZERO definitive proof in this study (where there is no report released) that there is NO SIGNIFICANT ANALYSIS that racism exists in the traffic stops. NONE. I would be more specific and provide reasons why but the report hasn’t been released.

Bishop Cornelius Bowser, a police reform advocate who said the racial disparities represent a systemic problem within the San Diego Police Department.

“It doesn’t meant that officers are racist,” Bowser said. Instead, he explained, the issue is racial bias that “officers don’t think about.”

How officers police Black communities versus White communities is embedded in the culture of policing, he said.

“You see a Black man and think criminal,” he said. “I believe when police officers are out there in patrol they have to reimagine policing.
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