California Lawmakers Approve District Attorney Recusal Law

WOW! This is interesting. Is this another move to push police in a corner? Another form of punishment of the police? To further erode the rights for police?

Why does it matter if a police organization supports a District Attorney in a political race and they win? Why is it that they then can’t investigate any police officer involved in a “bad” use of force or misconduct case?

How are campaign funds received from Defense Attorney organizations? What about endorsements by political committees? MUST the District Attorney recuse themselves when dealing with defense attorneys????? Which is always! What about being an endorsed the Democrat Committee and the person on trial in a registered DEMOCRAT voter? WHAT?! The District Attorney MUST obviously RECUSE.

How are monies received from large companies or associations where now the Distract Attorney has an employee or owner of the donating company or a member of the association in a case before them????
I know RECUSE!!!!

This law can’t be Just Against POLICE right? It can’t take away the 1st Amendment rights from the police to associate and take part in the political process RIGHT?

What the police associations should do is donate $1.00 to everyone’s campaign (Distract Attorney, State Attorney etc., Judges) so everyone has to recuse themselves.

The Article:
Looking to weed out conflict of interest, lawmakers approved legislation barring prosecutors who accept law enforcement campaign donations from trying officers for bad shootings and other cases of misconduct.

Read the article HERE

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