The Slippery Slope to Hell – The Glenn Show

Glenn Loury (Watson Institute for International and Public AffairsBrown University) and John McWhorter (Columbia University, Lexicon Valley, The Atlantic)

Recorded:Apr 19    Posted:Apr 23, 2021

This is another Excellent discussion about race and policing.

They talk about John’s Substack piece (there is a link below) at 8:45 minute.
John starts the discussion that Black people don’t have to fear interactions with police. The evidence doesn’t support the narrative that Blacks face death at every police interaction. John says this conversation is “Fake”. I think that it is more than being FAKE. I think that the narrative or “the talk” that parents of mostly young Black men fear every day that their children will have this assuredly deadly interaction with police is done consciously to de-legitimize police.

At 14:00 Glenn offers his main ideas which include Criminality & Behavior that bring people to the attention of the police. Not just contact with the police but also resisting the policing. The media and demigods flourish in this context and much more.

An excellent discussion follows!!! HERE

Check out another podcast by The Glenn Show HERE
It is titled “COPs and Race” and was recorded and posted May 28/29 2020

John McWhorter’s Substack piece:


Otherwise, our conversation on race is deeply and perniciously fake.

“The death of Daunte Wright in Minneapolis necessitates a new mental habit among us enlightened American souls.

We embrace assorted cognitive exercises as people with access to higher wisdom, such as understanding that a disadvantaged background can make it harder to excel, or that subtle bias can infect our thinking and actions.

Okay, but we need another one.

Whenever the national media reports on a black person killed by cops, we must ask ourselves “Would a white cop not have done that if the person were white?””………….read more HERE

The Problem with Critical Race Theory, Featuring Glenn Loury at UI Law 04/21/21

This discussion and subsequent Q&A occurred April 21st, 2021. The event, The Problem with Critical Race Theory, was hosted by the Federalist Society, and Features Professor Glenn Loury. Glenn Loury is a Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Brown University. Loury is a prominent social critic and public intellectual who has been addressing issues of racial inequality and social policy for over 40 years.

This is in the same vein as above where Glenn discusses Race & Police.
The video can be accessed HERE

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