Queens DA Reveals New Internal List Of NYPD Officers With Credibility Issues

Queens prosecutors have been tracking at least 78 NYPD officers whose credibility have been challenged in court, according to documents obtained by Gothamist/WNYC as part of a two-year fight to get the information released under the state’s public records law.
The documents flag past incidents of suspected police dishonesty and previously unreported details of officers who remained on the force despite criminal convictions.
NOTE: As part of the article there are some examples of written notice by the District Attorney as part of disclosure that indicates if an Officer has been involved any (I am guessing) “negative issues” that involved a Civil proceeding, Prior Testimony, or Disciplinary Matters with a summary that is redacted that must be the highlights that the District Attorney must want to point out.
Read more…. https://gothamist.com/news/queens-prosecutors-tracked-nypd-cops-suspected-lying-and-criminal-convictions-documents-show

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