1. I’d like to address the ridiculous issue I’ve encountered in the North Carolina Justice System. I was served with an “Indictment” 10 months after the fact, for allegedly selling a C.I. (a crack head who got busted & was coerced into snitching) a.10 …1/tenth of a gram…of cocaine. All that happened was I broke him off a little piece of my little piece…And he threw me a 20 $ for my trouble…isn’t this entrapment? I wasn’t standing on a street corner hawking my wares…I was chillin out with all intentions of enjoying my buzz. Does our Police Department have nothing better to do than to chase an old lady around with indictments? God help America!


    1. Hello. Thanks for your comment. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t provide legal advice.

      That being said I think what happened to you is that the person that bought the crack from you must’ve said that they could buy crack from a dealer as part of a deal the CI worked out to save himself (or herself). The purchase from you was probably part of a larger task force where they went and made several purchases and built cases against many people which is what they commonly do. This take several months to put these cases together and then when completed they hand out indictments to everyone.

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  2. Hi, I only just saw this reply. Yes you are so right. The wrong is that I am being “offered” 20 months Active Prison time for the alleged crime. Suffering from COPD along with several other mitigating medical issues. This is the same as handing me a “Death Sentence” at this Covidly untimely time!!??


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