NYS Criminal Justice Reform Bill

The CJ reform bill places a heavy burden on government with very little consideration for public safety.

Check out page 136 on Discovery and electronic evidence.

Electronic evidence (audio and video) is some of the most time consuming evidence to produce and the most expensive evidence to store.

AV is almost never used in criminal trials.

So there is countless police employee hours used to find, record, and produce electronic evidence for the District Attorney.

The District Attorney will not review the hours of AV evidence and who will then give the defendant the AV evidence.

The defendant’s lawyers will not review the hours of AV evidence.

Finally the AV evidence will NEVER (at least for 99% of all arrests) be used in court.

Keep in mind that this is for EVERY ARREST whether or not it goes to trial.

All of this has to be done and handed over to the defense in 15 days after arraignment.

This is a link to then Senate bill that contains the Criminal Justice reform:


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