Biden wants to “reinvigorate” funding for the COPS office.

The COPS office produced some of the best publications in policing. There was a time that every month there was an exciting publication released by the COPS office. You could even receive a hard copy of the publication. With the right leadership and if it returns to producing material that is beneficial to policing the COPS office can return as a great resource.

He wants to give yet more money to a federal office that has helped facilitate abuses in policing.
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Bill Text – AB-846 Public employment: public officers or employees declared by law to be peace officers.

Testing police officers for implicit bias before being hired? Maybe the Governor should take an implicit bias test before an election to make sure he/she is not under-representing certain parts of the citizens of California. The Governor may be biased against police. Then signing this law? That wouldn’t right!

Bill Text – AB-846 Public employment: public officers or employees declared by law to be peace officers.
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Berkeley not so special any more | Modern Policing

Here is another report about the difficulty the police departments are facing for hiring new officers.

I think this is causing police to re-examine their recruiting and hiring procedures. What will policing look like 10-20 years from now?

Berkeley PD has many unfilled positions and has lost experienced officers to other agencies in recent years, something that rarely happened before, according to this article. The agency has a distinctive history going all the way back to August Vollmer, and was the “go to” agency in northern California for many years. Current and departed…
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Use of Force in New Jersey | Modern Policing

News media in New Jersey obtained over 72,000 documents from the state’s 469 police departments for the years 2012-2016 to compile what it calls a “comprehensive statewide database of police use of force.” According to the authors, “No one has ever seen data like this in New Jersey. Not the attorney general, not county prosecutors…
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Interest in Police Patrol Careers

This is an interesting report that looks at possible causes of why people are not pursuing a career in policing.

Why, we wondered, despite the robust and increasing numbers of entry-level positions in police patrol, was the career of police patrol work such a “hard sell” with the current potential applicant pool? Also, why were some of those very individuals seemingly interested in specialized police work (e.g., detective or investigator, K9 officer, narcotics officer)

but averse to patrol officer positions? Were these potential applicants fearful of the selection process (i.e., invasive background investigations and social media oversight)? Were these people deterred from police patrol careers because of the perception that the initial training expectations were too rigorous (i.e., academy physical training and the challenge of attending a lengthy academy)? Another consideration which grew out of this conversation was the potential inability or failure of police agencies to possibly address basic recruit expectations, namely assistance with the application process, realistic job preview, and mentoring