OVER-POLICING IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY: How Black American Women are Affected by Police Brutality — The IWI: International Women’s Initiative

The murder of George Floyd, a Black American man suffocated under the knee
of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sparked national as well as
international protests against police brutality and the unequal treatment
Black lives. Soon after, Breonna Taylor, a Black 26-year-old essential
worker, was murdered by police in her own home in the middle of the night.
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FRONTLINE: Policing the Police 2020

George Floyd’s killing triggered mass demonstrations nationwide calling for racial justice and police accountability in the United States. In the wake of those protests, New Yorker writer and historian Jelani Cobb returns to a troubled police department he first visited four years ago to examine whether reform can work, and how police departments can be held accountable.
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Don’t bring back broken windows: Manhattan DA Cy Vance argues against ratcheting back up prosecutions for smaller offenses – New York Daily News

Over the past decade, New York City authored a remarkable public safety success story that saved thousands of lives, transformed the safety of communities across the five boroughs, and overturned false narratives about the efficacy of broken windows policing. As America’s safest big city, we proved that significant reductions in violent crime could be achieved without unconstitutional stop-and-frisk tactics or unnecessary prosecutions of low-level non-violent offenses, both of which disproportionately harmed our Black and Latino communities.
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