This is the first publication I have come across in years that is dedicated to Women in Policing.

“On Dec. 3-4, 2018, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) hosted the Research Summit on Women in Policing at our Washington, D.C., headquarters. Nearly 100 attendees participated, including sworn and civilian law enforcement officers from the United States and abroad, leading policing researchers, representatives from professional organizations and foundations, and federal partners. The goal of the summit was to understand the current state of research relevant to women in American policing, and to generate a research agenda of questions that women leaders in the field have identified as priorities in moving the profession forward toward parity.”

Articles on women in policing are so rare that earlier this year I shared a link to an article about women in the Fire Service.

HERE is a link to an article about women in the fire service.

Women in Policing: www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/252963.pdf

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